Canada’s Online Censorship Bill Introduced

Excerpt from Two engineers, Luis Wenus and Robert Lukoszko, decided to see if they could build a drone that could be used to kill humans autonomously. They were alarmed at how fast they were able to create such a drone, programming it to essentially chase humans. A drone armed or loaded with explosives could target gatherings for terrorist attacks, the engineers worry.    

Excerpt from It appears the CCP continues to gain inroads into American companies in major ways, this time in advertising, where China’s rising ecommerce Empires like Temu are spending billions of dollars on ad space sold by American companies like Meta and Google.

Excerpt from .Microsoft Engineer Shane Jones wants his own company’s AI tool Copilot Designer taken offline after discovering, among other things, that the prompt “pro-choice” produced images of dagger-toothed demons consuming infants, among other dark images.

Excerpt from President Joe Biden is announcing plans to build an aid relief port on the Gaza coast…  

Excerpt from A three-judge panel of the 11th U.S. District Court upheld a lower court’s ruling that struck down Florida’s “Stop WOKE” Act, which made it illegal for companies to racially discriminate against Americans in training that suggests white people invented evil, or words to that effect.    

Excerpt from U.S. Army Intelligence analyst, Sergeant Korbein Schultz, was arrested March 7, 2024 and charged with providing national defense information to China

U.S. Court Halts Compelled Transgender Surgery on Religious Healthcare Providers – Excerpt: The North Dakota U.S. District Court struck down mandates from the Biden administration that would compel people and institutions to provide “gender affirming” surgery to patients even if it goes against their moral and/or religious convictions.   Read Full Article

Biden Asking for Sharp Increases in Taxes – Excerpt: President Joe Biden plans on asking congress for $1 billion in new taxes by raising the corporate tax rate from 15 percent to 21 percent, making it over a 20 percent increase in the tax rate. Read Full Article

Will Congress Ban TikTok? – Excerpt: More congressmembers across the aisle have been talking about introducing legislation that would essentially force CCP-owned ByteDance to sell TikTok to non-CCP-affiliated partners or else be banned from the United States altogether.   Read Full Article

Canada Looks to Make Offensive Comments a Criminal Offense – Excerpt from The Canadian government, under the far-left extremist government of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, is looking to pass legislation called the Online Harms Act, which will make “harmful content” a criminal offense. Harmful content includes content that “foments hatred.” Read Full Article

Sweden Becomes a NATO Member – Excerpt: At long last, after holdouts Turkey and Hungary finally acquiesced and removed their opposition, Sweden is officially a member of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization, or NATO, which recently experienced a revival after Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. Read Full Article

Biden’s SOTU Further Divides Nation – Excerpt: President Joe Biden delivered the nation’s State of the Union Address, which was called by mainstream media “fiery” and “energetic,” and by conservative media as “inflammatory” and “divisive.” The speech was mostly a campaign speech and a sales pitch for Ukraine’s war efforts. Read Full Article

Covid Vaccine Mandate Extremist Dead at 33 – Excerpt: Canadian business journalist Ian Vandaelle died suddenly at the age of 33, which might not be newsworthy in and of itself if he wasn’t a Covid-19 vaccine mandate advocate who called for people who refused to get the vaccine to be arrested and imprisoned in what amounts to anti-vax concentration camps.   Read Full Article

Federal Judge Strikes Down Biden’s DEI Orders – Excerpt: U.S. District Judge Mark Pittman of the Northern District of Texas ordered the Biden administration’s Minority Business Development Agency cease all operations as it has long been engaging in unconstitutional, discriminatory actions. Read Full Article

Zelensky Dodges Russian Missiles, Along with Greek PM – Excerpt: Ukraine’s President, Volodymyr Zelensky, survived an assassination attempt by Russia that saw his convoy struck by a Russian missile. Read Full Article

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Students Revolt Against Trans Bathroom Extremism

Students from John Jay High School, from the Wappingers Central School District, protested the district’s announced plans to allow students to choose which bathrooms they want to use. The students claim the decision makes many of them feel uncomfortable and unsafe. The protest involved students walking out of class and protesting outside of the school. […]

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U.S. House Panel Exposes Dead Baby Parts Industry

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