Christian College Student Banned from Student Union for Not Being Trans-Conformative – Freedomist News Wire

University of Wyoming punishes activist for calling transgender student ‘male’

The University of Wyoming is targeting a Christian student for illegal discrimination because the student refuses to pretend that a man who pretends to be a woman is a woman.  The student, Todd Schmidt, is a Christian who holds to his right to practice and express the religion of his choosing, something this anti-American university seems to oppose.   The student has received a one-year ban from the student union for calling a man pretending to be a woman a man.

Schmidt said of the ban, “I have freedom of speech. I simply said that [Artemis Langford] is a male. Okay. There’s no harassment. There’s no bullying. There’s no slander. There’s no threatening in that at all. And for me to simply state that he’s a male, a biological fact. That also violates my freedom of religion.”

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