Christian woman takes on Democrats for voting by feelings instead of to get results –

Christian woman takes on Democrats for voting by feelings instead of to get results

2021-08-30 14:00:50
Wintery Knight

I found an amazing article about the Afghanistan situation over on An Affair with Reason. Laura has a background in defending Christianity to Muslims. She’s traveled all over the Middle East. So, she has a lot of experience in that area, having conversations with those people. I know she’s been to Afghanistan, so she knows what’s going on there. And she’s not happy.

Here’s the post.

She talks about how the Taliban have retaken Afghanistan, are capturing 12-year-old girls for sex slavery, and they are going door to door searching for Christians and U.S. allies to murder them. ISIS, (which nearly took over Iraq under Obama, then was crushed under Trump), is reforming and gaining strength. You might remember that ISIS is famous for sex-trafficking underage female captives. She mentions how China, which runs concentration camps and is a huge human rights violator, has also been emboldened by our weakness.

Since she wrote the article, more news has emerged. You may have…

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