Covid Therapies Reduce Vaccination Mandate Necessity


One of the justiciations of the vaccine mandate is the high rate of hospitalization and mortality, especially among vulnerable populations.  But as scientists and doctors have experimented, often on the job, with the best way to treat people who get infected, more and more drugs and therapies are coming online that are daily reducing the threat of COVID-19 to the general public.

At some point, perhaps a point we already passed, people might ask themselves when we no longer face a danger that justifies the draconian measures that are still being undertaken in America today.  On top of that list of measures that must go in light of this new reality are the vaccine mandates themselves.

From  –  Early COVID Treatment Works

A Comparative Study on Ivermectin-Doxycycline and Hydroxychloroquine-Azithromycin Therapy on COVID-19 Patients, Abu Taiub Mohammed Mohiuddin Chowdhury, Mohammad Shahbaz, Md Rezaul Karim, Jahirul Islam, Guo Dan, Shuixiang He

Results: All subjects in Group A reached a negative PCR, at a mean of 8.93 days, and reached symptomatic recovery, at a
mean of 5.93 days, with 55.10% symptom-free by the fifth day. In group B, 96.36% reached a negative PCR at a mean of
9.33 days and were symptoms-free at 6.99 days. In group A 31.67% of patients expressed symptoms caused by medication, this was 46.43% in group B.
Conclusion: The combination therapy of Ivermectin-Doxycycline showed a trend towards superiority to the combination of Hydroxychloroquine-Azithromycin for mild to moderate COVID19 disease.

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