Dems coming for guns again – Empower Wisconsin –

Dems coming for guns again – Empower Wisconsin

2021-09-27 00:24:30


MADISON — Ramping up for the election year ahead, Democrats are again pushing a round of assaults on the Second Amendment.

Will the Republican-led Legislature once more check the left’s attempts to restrict gun ownership in Wisconsin?

Liberal lawmakers last week introduced a package of bills, including another go at universal background checks, requiring the Department of Justice to do background checks on all gun sales in Wisconsin. The bill bans firearms transfers unless they occur through a federally licensed firearms dealer and include a background check for the buyer. It targets transfers to law enforcement and armed services agencies, firearms dealers, even antique firearms. It would also involve transfers for hunting or target shooting  and firearms classified as gifts or inheritance between family members.

Violators could be fined as much as $10,000 and face a jail sentence of up to nine months under the misdemeanor.


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