Ex-NFL Star Comes Out Against Transgender Females in Women’s Sport


One-time NFL Pro Bowler Marcellus Wiley slammed the idea of transgender females participating in sports against biological females in a video posted to social media on Saturday.

Wiley said in the video he had no issues with transgender people but he would not be OK with transgender women or girls competing against his daughters in sports.

“I have no issue with transgenders. I do have an issue with athletes who are transgendered trying to participate going from a transition of a man to a woman and now playing with the women,” Wiley said. “And, I will say that. You all can try to Dave Chappelle me all you want. I am very clear on this. You can be a transgender. You can be the homie, but I’ll be damned if a male at birth turns into a female and tries to compete against my daughters. She ain’t out there. We out.

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