How to Make the Ivy League Diverse

A Swift Solution to the Ivy League Diversity Problem



In a recent New Yorker essay, staff writer Nicholas Lemann trembles at the thought of the end of affirmative action at the hands of a Republican-dominated Supreme Court. He assumes that non-whites (except Asians, of course) could never make it into, much less through, top schools without a helping white hand. Look out, Kipling: is this the white man’s burden in the 21st century?

Lehmann’s subhead declares: “The policy has made diversity possible.” Says who? Believe it or not, there was diversity before the Johnson Administration. Harvard graduated its first black student, Richard T. Greener, in 1870. Edward Bouchet graduated Yale in 1874. Thomas Sowell went to Harvard on the GI bill. Harvard is in Boston, a bastion of woke progressivism today, but the incubator of the eugenics movement back when that was the rationale for “progressive” race-based discrimination. Lest we forget, “follow the science” was their battle cry, too.

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