Israel Will Deal With Iran as it Chooses, PM Signals

Israel claims ‘freedom of action’ against Iran — RT World News

2022-02-06 22:31:21


A military option against Tehran remains on the table, indicated PM Naftali Bennett

Israel Prime Minister Naftali Bennett dubbed Iran the “greatest threat to the State of Israel” during a cabinet meeting in Jerusalem on Sunday. The prime minister also spoke to US President Joe Biden for the first time in months to discuss growing concerns about Iran and a potential nuclear agreement being discussed in Vienna.

“Anyone who thinks that an agreement will increase stability is mistaken,” Bennett said, according to a readout his office released to the public. Bennett discussed Iran’s “growing aggression” and “steps for blocking Iran’s nuclear program” in his call with Biden, accusing Iran of ramping up regional attacks amid negotiations.

Israel simulates attack on Iran’s nuclear facilities – media


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