Arizona Bill Would Force Christians to Bake the LGBTQ Cake

A bipartisan effort appears to be going forward in Arizona that would force the metaphorical and literal Christian baker to bake the metaphorical and literal LGBTQ Cake.  The bill is being introduced and sponsored by a number of Arizona Representatives, including the Republican Speaker of the House.

Lawmakers introduce Arizona LGBT anti-discrimination bill

2022-02-07 22:22:23



A bipartisan group of Arizona lawmakers that includes the Republican House speaker announced Monday they were introducing legislation that would for the first time protect gay and transgender people from discrimination by businesses, landlords and employers…..

The legislation would prohibit discrimination based on sexual orientation or gender identity in workplaces, housing and places of public accommodation, which covers most businesses selling goods and services to the public.

The measure would exempt religious institutions such as churches but not individuals who say their faith prevents them from serving certain customers, such as Christian bakers who don’t want make cakes for same-sex weddings.

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