Senator Paul Announces End of YouTube Career

Rand Paul Quits YouTube – Louder With Crowder

2022-01-03 18:14:04


The new year comes with new year’s resolutions. People say they are going to lose weight, quit smoking, or do some “new year, new me” crap like try to be a better person. Rand Paul has a resolution, and it’s to quit Big Tech. The leftist weirdos who decide what “facts” get “checked” and what squeaks past their algorithms have made it clear that anything to the right of Karl Marx or Anthony Fauci is problematic. See: Rogan, Joseph. Senator Paul has decided he’s out, and he’s starting with YouTube.

YouTube was an easy one to quit, especially when Sen. Paul has had issues with them in 2020. The Senator wrote about his reasoning in the Washington Examiner.

“Any time I state that cloth masks do not stop the virus from spreading, as [studies say], YouTube deletes the video. […] When I gave a speech on the Senate floor asking whether Eric Ciaramella, the Vindman brothers, and Adam Schiff’s legal team conspired while working at the White House to impeach the president, YouTube chose to…


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