Teaching for Change Behind Biden Race Policies

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How Anti-Bill of Rights Race Bait Groups Are Leading Biden’s Race Agenda

As soon as President Biden took office, he moved immediately to remove protection from children against abuse at the hands of leftist-ideologicial ‘teachings’ such as Critical Race Theory that former President Donald J Trump had put in place using executive orders.

The agenda of CRT, whatever it might actually be, is driven by groups in the background with openly leftist, marxist, communist, and antifa ties.  One group, Teaching for Change, is a leftist ‘think tank’ group that is the principle agent driving the Biden agenda on race in America.

Teaching for Change 

Teaching for Change is a left-of-center organization that focuses on supporting left-progressive social and economic policy through school education. Teaching for Change aims to provide resources that teach children a left-of-center view on subjects such as the 2020 Presidential Election, which it claims is filled with “hate speech” and is a “climate of presidential candidate fear-mongering and threats.” [1] It also provides resources on “The President’s Agenda,” “White Identity,” and “Resistance 101.” [2]

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