With or Without the US, Other Nations Attempt to Rescue Their Citizens from Afghanistan

Several countries start rescue operations in Afghanistan…

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2021-08-17 23:27:01



A US Air Force plane rescued about 640 Afghan civilians in a single flight. Belgium and other countries are currently doing everything they can to evacuate their citizens and vulnerable Afghans from Kabul, although this is not without problems. Overview.

Belgium He has already received about a hundred requests from Belgians in Afghanistan who want to return to our country as soon as possible. There are also about 40 people who served in a Belgian or other European army. In addition, human rights and women’s rights activists will be evacuated, but it is not clear how many people are involved. The first defense aircraft left Tuesday afternoon for Islamabad, the capital of neighboring Pakistan, where the Belgian embassy is monitoring the situation in Afghanistan. From there, the situation will be reviewed to provide return flights to Kabul.

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Holland So…


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