Youngkin Confronts Virginia Ed Union Over its Racist CRT Endorsements

Youngkin Condemns BLM at School Push in Virginia Ed Union

Virginia Republican Gov. Glenn Youngkin’s office said the Black Lives Matter at School toolkit released by a Virginia teachers union “will not be tolerated.”

The Virginia Education Association’s Black Lives Matter at School Week of Action toolkit champions BLM’s 13 principles in the classroom. It uses kindergarten through 12th grade lesson plans made by the education branch of the Southern Poverty Law Center to teach students principles including “transgender affirming,” “queer affirming,” “restorative justice,” and “globalism.”

The principles promote critical race theory, a racial lens that teaches students to deconstruct American society on the premise that its institutions are “systemically racist.” Youngkin outlawed such education in a January 2022 executive order.

“Gov. Youngkin is empowering parents, restoring excellence in education, and has removed critical race theory from Virginia’s schools,” Youngkin spokeswoman Macaulay Porter told The Daily Signal. “The VEA—the same union that kept schools shuttered and students at home during the pandemic—is now attempting to inject a politically-driven curriculum toolkit in an effort to teach kids to discriminate against one another based off their color, gender, race, or background.”


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