Day: April 17, 2023

Pro-Life Group Pays for Own Security to Speak at Hostile Anti-Life College

FACING VIOLENCE FROM ABORTIONISTS, UNIVERSITY FORCES PRO-LIFE GROUP TO PAY FOR SECURITY – Students for Life of America must pay over $8k to the University of Mexico to protect them from rapid unborn-child-murder advocates conditioned largely by the same university to believe violence is a legitimate means of political expression. The group plans to have […]

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Oregon Sued Over Banning Christian Adoption

OREGON’S IDEOLOGICAL LITMUS TEST FOR ADOPTION FREEZES CHRISTIANS OUT – The leftist dystopia that is Oregon has made it illegal for Christians to adopt in their state using an ideological questionnaire that rules out people who reject the non-binary, pro-gay-affirming agenda of the DNC-CCP and its vassals (such as the Democrat-controlled Oregon government).  The state […]

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FBI Targeting Religious Groups for “Suspicious Activity”

FBI WANTED TO INFILTRATE CATHOLIC GROUP IT DEEMED A THREAT – The Biden administration sought to infiltrate the Catholic Church, a report shows from the U.S. House Judiciary Chairman, Jim Jordan (R-OH). Jim Jordan received a report from the FBI that it had received information derived from at least one undercover employee” to infiltrate religious […]

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China Using American Mothers to Birth Dual Citizen Babies

CHINA MAKING AMERICA ITS RENT-A-WOMB CENTER – A Report in The Federalist reveals an ongoing concern with the growing amount of Chinese nationals now using in vitro centers in California to create dual citizen babies using American women as their rent-a-wombs. From the report: “The China Select Committee’s focus on Chinese investment is supposed to […]

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AI Voice Tricks Mother Into Thinking Daughter Kidnapped

AI USED TO SCAM PARENTS IN FAKE KIDNAPPING SCHEME – Jennifer DeStefano of Scottsdale, AZ received a chilling call from her teenage daughter, who was in tears, pleading with the Mother to pay her kidnappers lest something bad happen to her.  It turns out the call was created using AI, and the kidnappers only kidnapped […]

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U.S Army Loses Fighting Shape Under Biden Regime

U.S. MILITARY LOSING SHAPE DURING COVID – Almost 10,000 active U.S. Army personnel became clinically obese during the Covid-19 lockdowns according to a report by Proquest Central.  According to the report, over 26 percent of active army personnel moved from a healthy to overweight status while 15.6 percent went from overweight to obese. Continue Reading

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The DNC’s Foreign Dark Money Machine Revealed

DNC’S FOREIGN DARK MONEY SOURCE EXPOSED – Foreign nationals are contributing to the DNC in open violation of election laws by funding DNC-allied special interest groups who then launder that foreign money directly to DNC politicians who gain more power and rely more on foreigners than Americans, as can be seen in their republic-destroying policies.  […]

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