The DNC’s Foreign Dark Money Machine Revealed

DNC’S FOREIGN DARK MONEY SOURCE EXPOSED – Foreign nationals are contributing to the DNC in open violation of election laws by funding DNC-allied special interest groups who then launder that foreign money directly to DNC politicians who gain more power and rely more on foreigners than Americans, as can be seen in their republic-destroying policies.  One fat cat has been exposed.  That fat cat is Swiss-born billionaire Hansjorg Wyss, who has contributed more than $245 million to the anti-American party’s money-laundering organizations.

Campaign Legal Center Director Saurav Ghosh told the AP, “The whole system is currently structured on this premise that we can take these nonprofit groups at their word.  The reality is there is really no effective oversight to make sure money from a foreign national doesn’t wind up in election politics.” GO DEEPER

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